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 Since 2003, I’ve made Wondermark comic strips and put them on a website! Now, using this same website technology, here are some other things I’ve made, physical things, things you can have mailed to your house and keep for as long as you like.

Everything you see on this site was designed by me! I hope you like it.

Wondermark actually has TWO parallel online stores. On this site, when you order things, I put them into an envelope with my own two hands! It’s mainly smaller stuff like stickers, pins, magnets, and greeting cards. 

I also maintain another store with my friends at TopatoCo. Over there, you can get T-shirts and hoodies, Wondermark posters and prints, and lots of other fun gift items. There’s some overlap, but generally they handle the stuff they’re best at, and I handle the littler stuff so as to keep things simpler for them. 

And hey! Why not complicate things further? I also sell digital goods (including printable greeting cards) on Gumroad, and I make magnets, coasters and laser-cut wall art under the shingle 哪些方法可以浏览国外网站.

Or, if you would like to support Wondermark without cluttering your life with material objects, you may also be interested in my Patreon, which is a monthly supporting membership (like a pledge to public radio!) to which I post behind-the-scenes info about Wondermark and other projects. 

Finally, you can always become a Friend of Wondermark by downloading a fancy certificate, and receive along with it my heartfelt thanks for your kindness.

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